Welcome to « le Dojo »

Welcome to « le Dojo », in Toulouse and Albi?
Le Dojo was created in 1982.
Dojo means “Room of the Way”
The aim of Le Dojo, is to be engaged in the way of Aïkido and Tai ji quan. (Tai chi chuan)
It is a place of training, research, and investigations.
It is also a place of  conviviality and communication.
It furthermore welcomes other activities, which all are in accord with the ethic of the place.
The word Dojo “place of edification”, comes from the Sanskritt bodhimanda  “place where the Self with ego, becomes without ego”.

(Taitetsu Unno- From the book From Kishomaru Ueshiba- The spirit of Aïkido).


The teaching


Aïkido lessons are taught by Joël Chemin, 6th Dan Aïkikai, of Tokyo.
He is a state qualified teacher.

Joël Chemin began Aïkido in 1974, in the Aïkikaï, in Tokyo. He stayed there for 7 years. Back in France, he teaches in Albi and Toulouse.
He met Hikitsuchi Michio Sensei (1919-2004), 10th dan of Aïkido in japan. And regularly followed his teaching in Japan and in France (see “From the road to the Way”).
The Dojo is affiliated to the “Association Française d’dAïkido Traditionnel du Japon ”.